When Can Your Smile Benefit from Whitening?

December 30, 2020

Whether you are aware of it or not, your grin endures quite the amount. Indeed, a combination of oral hygiene, in-office and at-home preventive care, food and beverage consumption, and so on all impact your smile on a day-to-day basis, causing it to dim is brightness and vitality. While many individuals benefit from cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers to cover a variety of blemishes, others, however, really only have stains that are tarnishing their appearance. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist looks at times your smile may benefit from whitening and how the procedure can help you.

The Effects of Your Diet

As one of the major contributors, what you eat and drink may have a bigger impact than you might expect. For example, the morning cup of coffee you need to start your everyday not only contains a high acidity content that slowly breaks down your teeth’s enamel, but it causes dark stains as well. The fruit that accompanies your yogurt in the morning also has a high acidity, and thus chemically breaks down the healthy layer of enamel present, causing sensitivity and more. Another example includes foods that contain a large amount of sugar, as sugar feeds oral bacteria and causes them to secrete harmful acids that contribute to decay and cavity formation.

You may be wondering, ‘what does structural breakdown have to do with stains?’ In which the answer is – a lot, actually! You see, when enamel breaks down, it allows the foods and beverages that stain teeth to reach a deeper layer than just the surface, causing you to need more-intensive treatments to remove. By being conscious of the types of foods you ingest and the frequency, you may be able to increase the effectiveness of your whitening procedure.

Removing Noticeable Stains

Gradual staining and loss of shine comes naturally with age, meaning that most adults can actually benefit from a tooth-whitening procedure at least once in their lives. When you attend your appointment, your dentist will apply a strong but safe bleaching gel to the surfaces of your teeth, then stimulate the treatment to actively break up and remove surface-level stains. The procedure can be completed in as little as one office visit, and we also offer take-home kits as well to afford you’re the flexibility to perform the treatment as you need!

A Brighter Smile for a Happier You

Once your treatment is completed, you will be able to experience a brighter grin up to multiple shades lighter, boosting your confidence in your beautiful appearance significantly!

To learn more or to schedule your next appointment with our office, contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI by calling 248-693-6213 today.

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