Why You Should Attend Your Checkups

February 23, 2021

Your day-to-day routine, like many adults, probably consists of a jam-packed schedule consisting of work, driving, picking up the kids, dropping them off, making dinner, and attempting to figure out how to make it all work in a small amount of time. That being said, a number of important everyday occurrences – such as locking the door, getting to appointments on time, and even remembering to brush your teeth – can easily take a seat on the back burner. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist will take a look at your preventive care routine and discuss why it is so important you keep and attend your dental appointments.

More Than a Cavity Hunt

Contrary to popular belief, your routine examination and cleaning serves many more purposes than just a cavity hunt. While this is a portion of the exam, it is only a fraction of what is truly covered. You see, the standard preventive routine consists of a healthy combination of brushing and flossing at home, being conscious of your diet, and attending a 6-month visit with an experienced dentist. This latter factor is a necessary one, as it allows a trained eye to carefully and thoroughly observe your smile and ensure healthy development and growth. We pay mind to check for any signs of damage, trauma, infection, soreness, sensitivity, and more to your teeth. In addition to that, we carefully examine your oral tissues and structures as well for any sign of infection, rough patches, or other abnormalities that could threaten your health.

Removing Harmful Deposits

Following your exam, your dentist will provide a gentle but thorough cleaning to remove deposits of threatening bacteria. These bacteria can gather in the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth and form plaque or tartar. If these remain over time, you can expect mild oral concerns to quickly jump to major ones, ultimately increasing your chances of tooth loss and infection down the line.

When our team provides a cleaning, we carefully scale around your teeth to remove these deposits. Following this step, we polish and smooth the surfaces of your teeth in order to make future bacterial attachment much more difficult. While brushing at home aids in preventing plaque buildup, a professional cleaning once every six months is required to successfully prevent later complications.

Ensuring a Healthy Smile

Your grin is one of your greatest assets, and it requires more persistence and care than you may have previously known. If you are concerned that you may be falling short on your preventive care, you should contact our team and schedule an appointment to ensure your health.

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