Stopping Decay Early With Fillings

Dentist filling woman's teeth and assistant helping out.As one of the most common threats to any individual’s smile, dental decay is not a phenomenon to be taken lightly. It can impact anyone in a variety of ways, and the longer one goes without seeking treatment, the worse the outcome will be. Indeed, your oral health is your and your dentist’s top priority, and sometimes difficult decisions must be made to ensure your health and protection. That being said, it is always better to act sooner rather than later to ensure the best outcome. In today’s blog, Lake Orion, MI dentist will take a look at the primary causes of decay, as well as what your options may be to properly treat the condition.

It Gets Worse with Time

Unlike a common headache or stomach ache, dental decay will not get any better with time. As a matter of fact, you can expect the condition to become worse. What may start off as a minor sensitivity or ache can soon develop into functional impacts and even tooth loss overall. Once a permanent tooth is lost, it will not come back. That being said, the earlier you seek treatment, the better off you’ll be. The problem arises, however, in that it can be difficult to identify warning signs on one’s own. To best combat this, we recommend maintaining consistent six-month dental visits to stay on top of your health.

When you come in for your checkup, your provider can take care to identify any signs or evidence of dental decay in the form of a cavity. At this stage, most individuals are not aware there is a problem, so having a trained eye to identify these concerns is crucial.

From Minor Inconvenience to Major Pain

As decay progresses, it will begin to impact your smile in more ways than one. The process begins when oral bacteria feed off of the food particles from the foods and sugars we consume. This causes them to secrete harmful acids that weaken and break down our structures. In its earliest stages, decay presents itself as a minor cavity.

Without care, this cavity will work its way deeper and deeper into your tooth until it begins to infect your nerves and roots. At this stage, you begin to experience functional issues such as sharp pains, sensitivity, and difficulty biting and chewing. As it progresses, it will completely compromise your structure until your only viable option is extraction.

Restorative Treatment To Help

To prevent this from happening, it is best to address the concern when it is still minor. Our team offers tooth-colored filling treatments aimed at removing the infected portions of a tooth, cleaning the area, and filling the open hole with a durable tooth-colored composite resin.

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Decay is a topic not to be taken lightly, and you can address its effects early on. Contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI by calling 248-693-6213 to learn more or to schedule your next appointment with our team.