Mitigating Chips And Cracks With Bonding

July 29, 2021

Nothing is more disheartening than taking the necessary steps to ensure a lifelong, beautiful smile just for a random accident to tarnish your appearance with blemishes. Indeed, preventive dentistry allows for significant protection from infections and other issues, but unfortunately, cannot protect your smile from it all. For instance, a physical injury due to an accident is not something that can be anticipated most of the time and often requires additional treatment to handle. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist explores the way surface-level cracks and chips in your grin can be treated in a non-invasive and lifelike manner.

The Need for Cosmetic Dentistry

It goes without saying that caring for your smile is a lifelong process. With so many factors posing a significant threat to your grin’s integrity, it is no wonder we are constantly taking care to ensure our oral health is up to par. Indeed, your oral health and function are among the most important to consider, but that does not mean that other concerns such as cosmetic blemishes should be ignored entirely.

Many people place a great value on the quality of their smiles. After all, a grin is one of the first physical attributes a person notices about another, and many people even state that a youthful smile can be indicative of heightened levels of confidence. This also means that as much as a stain or crack can significantly detract from this notion, thus drastically reducing a person’s view of themself. Fortunately, this is where cosmetic dentistry comes in to help.

Cosmetic dentistry is the process of enhancing your smile by addressing surface-level concerns in a non-invasive and lifelike manner. To learn more about this process and what your options may be, reach out to our team today.

Enhancing Your Smile

There are a few different cosmetic treatments that can be used to enhance your appearance, and likely, the effectiveness of each will depend on your specific needs. When taking a look at minor chips and cracks, in particular, there is nothing more effective than dental bonding and contouring.

Indeed, bonding and contouring consists of applying a composite resin material to the affected area, then contouring or shaping the material to closely mimic the natural shape and texture of your teeth. To learn more about this process, contact our office.

Providing Lifelike Results

One of the major factors that make bonding and contouring so effective is its ability to mimic your natural structures, even down to their hue. Indeed, we utilize shade-match technology to color the composite to your exact smile shade so that once treatment is finished, you can enjoy a near-seamless appearance once more.

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