Why Look At Dental Bonding?

June 9, 2022

While your smile may face a lifetime of oral bacteria and other threats, that does not mean that you have to sport noticeable blemishes that arise as a result. Indeed, looking and feeling your best in your own skin starts with loving your smile, and we are here to tell you that obtaining that youthful shine is much more straightforward and significantly less invasive than you might have been led to believe. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist continues our exploration of cosmetic dental treatment, and highlight the benefits of dental bonding.

To Address A Surface-Level Crack or Chip

It goes without saying that dentistry is complex, in and of itself. After all, there are specific sections that address physical damage, infection, and more after it has already occurred (restorative treatment), areas of dentistry that encourage building strong defenses (prevention), and of course, addressing surface-level concerns (cosmetic).

While treatment such as teeth whitening may be an excellent solution for stains and discoloration, it is hardly a match for any other cosmetic concern. Indeed, surface-level damage can occur in a variety of ways, and it is beneficial to seek care that is designed for these specific situations.

One such phenomenon that may influence your oral appearance is the development of a crack or chip. After you have ruled out that it is more than a cosmetic issue, you can visit our team for your dental bonding appointment. This process is intended to address a variety of chips and cracks in a highly realistic and lifelike manner. For more information about this process and when you might seek dental bonding, give our team a call today.

What to Expect from Treatment

When you come in for your dental bonding treatment, our team will apply a tooth-colored material to the affected area. This material is a composite resin, and it can be shaped and smoothed to provide a near-seamless finish!

To begin, we will have the material shade-matched as close as possible to the natural hue of your grin. Next, we will apply the material and begin contouring or shaping it to satisfaction. After this has been achieved, we will cure the material using a special light, and then you will be on your way! Give our team a call to learn more today.

Enjoying a Rejuvenated Smile

While your grin may face a barrage of oral health threats throughout the course of your lifetime, that does not mean you are expected to settle for the less-than-spectacular consequences. Our team will meet you where you are to help you determine the best course of action for your smile, as well as how we can help.

Learn More Today

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