How We Can Help Protect Your Child’s Teeth

children's dentistryBeing a parent is hard work. There are seemingly endless engagements and responsibilities on top of the constant effort that taking care of your child entails. You certainly want what’s best for them, and part of this is making sure their oral health is outstanding. We understand that this can be difficult; kids aren’t exactly known for wanting to brush their teeth, but you are not in this alone. In fact, we provide comprehensive care for their smiles, so you can rest easy knowing that you have professionals on your side who want to see your child’s smile as healthy as possible. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion, MI dentist discusses the ways that pediatric dentistry can benefit your kid’s oral health. 

Regular Checkups Are Essential

It is important to bring your child in for checkups starting at a young age. Even if they are too young to attend visits of their own, bringing them along with you can help them become more familiar with and feel comfortable in the office. This can go a long way to easing their anxiety when it’s time for them to sit in the chair. Once they are old enough to undergo checkups and cleanings, you should bring them in every six months. With this schedule, we can monitor their oral health and keep track of any potential irregularities. Additionally, during the cleaning portions of their visits, we can show them the most efficient and effective ways to take care of their smiles at home. Sometimes hearing this information from people who aren’t Mom and Dad can be more receptively met. By taking preventative care seriously, you are setting up your child for great habits that can last them a lifetime. 

How Sealants And Fluoride Can Help

In addition to vigilant brushing and regular visits, there are additional tools at our disposal. Dental sealants, for instance, are thin pieces of biocompatible acrylic that go over your child’s back molars. These form a coating that protects the surface of their teeth from direct contact with food particles. This barrier helps prevent bacteria from settling into and damaging their teeth. Subsequently, fewer bacteria mean a lower risk of tooth decay — specifically, cavities. Applying sealants is a quick, non-intrusive procedure, so your child will be comfortable the entire time. 

We can also provide your little one with a fluoride treatment. This helps strengthen their enamel, which is the outermost, protective layer of the tooth. Though it is very strong, it can still weaken over time, making the chance of decay more likely. Fluoride treatment strengthens this enamel, ensuring it is more resilient to decay and other types of damage. 

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