Metal-Free Dentistry

Sometimes, people try to avoid dental treatment because they worry that a procedure will negatively affect their smile. Our practice can make sure your oral health needs are fully addressed while still preserving the natural look of your teeth, as we offer metal-free dentistry. When we restore a tooth, we can provide a lifelike dental filling, or a same-day dental crown that can match the appearance of your natural tooth! For patients who are looking to replace teeth that they have lost, we are also able to provide prosthetic restorations that help your smile look its best, in addition to providing important functional support.

Enjoy Modern, Smile-Friendly Patient Care

Lake Orion Family Dentistry is ready to help patients in need of work to restore teeth affected by decay, dental trauma, or any other concern. During every dental treatment, we rely on modern tools and technology to make the process easier, and to make sure we minimize work on your tooth structure. Because we use CEREC technology to design custom crowns, we can even help patients finish advanced dental work in less time – you can leave our practice with your tooth completely restored after just one appointment!

While we care about the look of your restoration, we also take care to provide dental work that offers lasting protection for teeth. You can rely on a lifelike filling, crown, or dental prosthetic to maintain its condition over many years, so you can still bite and chew without concern!

Lifelike Dental Fillings, Dental Crowns, And Prosthetic Restorations

  • Dental fillings made from composite resin material look more attractive than their metal counterparts, and they can easily match the color and texture of your enamel. Composite resin is also preferable because the substance is biocompatible, meaning it can bond directly with your tooth. This reduces the risk that your restoration could become loose, or leave space between it and your dental material where bacteria can gather.
  • CEREC dental crowns are crafted at our practice, so we do not have to wait on a third party lab to craft your restoration. CAD/CAM technology provides us all the tools required to digitally measure and design your crown, and that information allows us to produce it with our on-site milling machine. A CEREC crown is made with a ceramic material that is able to imitate the look and color of your natural teeth, so it can be hard for anyone to notice that you had work done!
  • With porcelain dental bridges and dentures, we can replace missing teeth with carefully designed appliances that give you back your complete smile. The care taken to design these prostheses can ensure that they feel comfortable in place, and allow you to feel comfortable with the way you look. We can provide custom appliances for isolated tooth loss, and to deal with more significant losses.

Schedule Metal-Free Dental Work At Lake Orion Family Dentistry

Lake Orion Family Dentistry is proud to offer metal-free dental work to our patients! If you find yourself in need of oral health treatment, you can be happy to know that our office is prepared to restore your dental health, and preserve your lovely smile. To find out more, or to make an appointment, please call our Orion, MI dental office today at 248-693-6213.