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Keeping your smile healthy for life isn’t difficult as it used to be. Modern dental technologies, materials, and techniques allow you to successfully prevent, treat, and manage most common conditions, including tooth decay and gum disease. Even if you lose one or more teeth, the right prosthesis can restore your smile’s appearance, proper bite function, and long-term health. Sticking to a regular routine of general dentistry visits is key to enjoying the benefits of a healthy smile, and we offer several solutions for addressing any problems that might arise with your oral health. To learn more about our general dentistry services, explore more of our website by visiting one of the pages below:

A few general dentistry FAQs

Q: I don’t have any dental problems. Do I really need to schedule a checkup?

A: Yes. During every checkup and cleaning, we professionally clean your teeth and perform a thorough oral examination to check for problems that you may not have noticed, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and more.

Q: Should I be worried if my gums bleed when I brush?

A: Yes. Healthy gums shouldn’t bleed, so if you see red while brushing, you may be scrubbing too vigorously or using the wrong toothbrush. You might also be developing gingivitis – the earliest stage of gum disease – and require periodontal cleaning.

Q: I have been experiencing jaw popping. What does that mean?

A: You may have TMJ disorder. When your jaw joints become misaligned, they can strain the nerves and muscles, causing clicking and popping sensations in your jaw. Grinding and clenching your teeth (bruxism), can also make your jaw pop and click occasionally.

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Consistent general dental care is the cornerstone of keeping your smile healthy for life. To learn more about our general dentistry treatments and services, schedule a consultation by calling Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213. Located in Lake Orion, MI, we also proudly serve the residents of Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Oxford, all surrounding communities.