Sealants & Fluoride

Additional Protection for Kids’ Teeth

With a routine of consistently good dental hygiene and a regular schedule of preventive dental visits, your child has a good chance at never having to worry about cavities. However, that isn’t always the case, and sometimes, children need a small boost in their efforts at preventing cavities and other issues. In addition to routine checkups and cleanings, we may also recommend further protection for your child’s teeth in the form of fluoride treatment and/or dental sealants. Both treatments are designed to stop oral bacteria from compromising your child’s tooth enamel and paving the way for cavity development.

How fluoride treatment works

The external tooth layer that surrounds and protects healthy teeth is known as tooth enamel, and it’s the first line of defense against cavities. When oral bacteria gather en masse and produce harmful substances, such as acids, they can weaken this layer significantly and prevent teeth from remineralizing. Fluoride treatment involves carefully applying a topical solution to your child’s teeth. The mineral strands of fluoride can bond to the weakened areas of tooth enamel to help prevent it from eroding enough to allow oral bacteria to reach your child’s teeth.

How dental sealants work

With the goal being to strengthen and protect your child’s tooth enamel from bacteria and erosion, we can also recommend biocompatible dental sealants on one or more of your child’s teeth. Dental sealants are made from safe, BPA-free acrylic, and when painted onto the chewing surfaces of children’s teeth, they can act as a direct and highly durable shield against harmful plaque and tartar build.

Ask us about sealants and fluoride

Sometimes, kids need a little help protecting their smiles from things like cavities. To learn more about how dental sealants and fluoride treatment provide that help, schedule an appointment for your child by calling Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213. Located in Lake Orion, MI, we also proudly serve the residents of Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Oxford, all surrounding communities.