Happy Tooth Fairy Day!

According to the National Museum of Dentistry, today is Tooth Fairy Day!

The Tooth Fairy herself was at the museum in Baltimore, Maryland, today to show all the kids what exactly she does with all the baby teeth she collects.

We all wish we could have been there, but we’ve decided to celebrate Tooth Fairy Day here at Lake Orion Family Dentistry, and we encourage you to do the same! Dress your kids up with sparkly wands, crowns, and wings. Hide “teeth” around the house and let them go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Make this holiday fun and, more importantly, use it to teach your children how to have a sparkling smile.

Entertain your children while teaching them the importance of good brushing and flossing habits. Kids learn by example, so go ahead and demonstrate how to brush and floss properly. Help them if the need it.

Also, talk to your children about going to the dentist, especially if they haven’t had their first dental appointment yet. Be sure to be upbeat and happy and don’t use any “scary” words. My team and I are here to help your child achieve optimal oral and overall health, so it’s important that your child feel comfortable in our office and in my dental chair. Speaking positively about the dentist is a great place to start.

I’m Dr. Brad Greenfield, a family dentist in Lake Orion, Michigan, and I love to see kids smile. Use Tooth Fairy Day to educate your children about the benefits of a beautiful smile and quality oral health. Call my dental office at (248) 693-6213 for more information or to schedule an appointment.