Proper Flossing Goes a Long Way

July 29, 2011

If you sat down in the dental chair and were asked how much you floss, what would you say? Would you lie and say that you floss twice a day, everyday? Or would you be truthful and say that you rarely floss at all?

(If you do actually floss on a regular basis, good for you! You’re one of the few who do practice this necessary dental hygiene measure.)

Flossing is incredibly important to your dental health because it removes the bacteria and plaque between your teeth that you can’t reach with your toothbrush. Ideally, you should floss your teeth twice a day, whether it’s morning and night, or after lunch and right before bedtime. If this isn’t possible, it’s imperative that you brush right before bed so that your mouth is clean and bacteria free throughout the night.

If you don’t ever floss your teeth, why don’t you? Is it a lack of time? Maybe you don’t know why it’s so crucial to maintaining a health smile. Or maybe you don’t know how. If the latter is true and you don’t know how to properly floss your teeth, follow the steps below. You’ll be on your way to a cleaner, healthier mouth in no time!

The Spool Method

  • To use the spool method, take about 18 inches of floss, and wind most of it lightly around your middle finger.
  • Then, wind the remaining floss around the middle finger on your other hand.
  • Now, push the floss between your teeth using your index fingers and thumbs.
  • Gently bring the floss up and down several times around both sides of each tooth, making sure to reach below the gum line, forming a “C” shape around each tooth with the floss.

The Loop Method

  • To use the loop method, pull off an 18-inch strand of floss, and make it into the shape of a circle.
  • Tie the circle with three secure knots, and place all of your fingers (not your thumbs) into the loop.
  • Next, use your index fingers to direct the floss through your lower teeth and your thumbs to direct it through your upper teeth.
  • Again, be sure to clean below the gum line, and make the floss form a “C” shape around the sides of each tooth.

For more tips about oral hygiene and health, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry at (248) 693-6213. Dr. Brad Greenfield and his office team look forward to hearing from you and seeing you and your family in our dental office in Lake Orion, Michigan.

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