Preventing Cavities in Children

Does my child have cavities already? Are these grooves that I see in my child’s teeth cavities that now must be filled? The answer is maybe not.

They could just be deep pits that, if treated with dental sealants, will never develop the bacteria and decay required for these pits to ripen into unwanted and costly cavities.  As still underdeveloped brushing experts, children tend to miss hard-to-reach molars and the back side of their teeth. Molars naturally have grooves, or fissures, where food particles become trapped. Dental sealants can stop some food from lodging in the crevices and protect tooth enamel from any sugars, starches, acids, or food particles that aren’t removed during brushing.

Dental sealants are recognized by the American Dental Association as an effective means of cavity prevention. In about the time it takes a child to disappear into the playground’s plastic tunnel, with all its twist and turns high in the air, and then reappear again at the slide’s exit, your child could be done with the entire procedure. Depending on the number of teeth to seal, the procedure takes about 10 to 45 minutes. The comfort level of our process is even more assured than a trip to the playground, for we can confidently boast no bumps or bruises.

To place sealants, thin but durable, clear plastic is applied to the teeth in liquid form, then hardened with a curing light. We identify and fill any spots of decay before application. Sealants can last up to ten years, which is most likely far beyond each baby tooth’s retirement under your child’s pillow.

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