Sweet Treats: The Good and The Bad

You probably know that lots of sugary foods can cause cavities, gum disease, and other dental hazards. Fortunately, Dr. Greenfield can restore your decayed teeth. So how do you satisfy your sweet tooth without destroying your smile? Take this little quiz to see if you can determine the good sweets from the bad.

Which is Better for Your Teeth?

1. A fruit smoothie or a milkshake?

2. Hard candy or chewy candy?

3. Small sips of soda throughout the day or drinking a whole can of soda during dinner?

4. Blueberry pie or chocolate-covered strawberries?

Answers and Explanations:

1. A fruit smoothie is better for your teeth because it doesn’t have the high sugar content that ice cream has. Fruit provides many healthy ingredients, including vitamin C. You can blend up your favorite fruit and add milk or yogurt to get a healthy supply of calcium.

2. Although candy is often filled with sugar, if you must indulge, hard candy is a better choice. Chewy candy is very sticky and stays on your teeth longer, giving bacteria more time to feed and destroy your enamel. Be careful with hard candy though, because biting down too hard could cause your teeth to chip or crack.

3. Even if you’re drinking more of the beverage, it’s better to consume soda during dinner or with meals. If you sip soda throughout the day, you likely won’t brush or rinse afterwards, leaving the sugar and acid on your teeth to feed bacteria all day long. If you drink it with a meal, you have more saliva production and other foods to help balance out the soda and wash it away. But remember, no matter when you drink it, use a straw to avoid direct contact with your teeth.

4. Chocolate-covered strawberries are healthier than blueberry pie. Pies often contain high amounts of sugar and cream that are bad for both your smile and your waistline. The small amount of chocolate on a dipped fruit won’t do much damage to your smile. Another bonus—strawberries contain malic acid that can naturally whiten your teeth, whereas blueberries will leave a dark discoloration.

If your sweet treats have taken a toll on your smile, visit Dr. Greenfield for fillings or crowns to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Contact Lake Orion Dentistry at (248) 693-6213 to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients from Lake Orion, Oxford, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, and surrounding communities.