Lake Orion Dentist Explains Mouth Guard Protection

May 21, 2012

In the next few months, you’ll probably be spending more time outdoors soaking in the summer sun. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, swimming pool accidents—like running on slippery surfaces and diving into shallow waters—cause the majority of dental emergencies during the summer. Additionally, practicing sports, playing at the park, and other outdoor activities may damage your smile. Dr. Greenfield encourages you to wear a mouth guard during strenuous and physical activity.

Facial Injuries

When you fall or get hit in the face, your upper and lower teeth may slam together, resulting in chipping, breakage, or pain. Additionally, about five million teeth are knocked out each year as a result of injury. Hitting the ground without proper protection can cause fractured teeth, knocked out teeth, jaw injuries, lip lacerations, a bitten tongue or lip, or nerve damage. Furthermore, when you get knocked in the jaw or chin, the force and vibration expels upwards toward your skull, which may result in a concussion.

Benefits of Mouth Guards

Studies show that an athlete is about 60 times more likely to suffer dental damage when not wearing a mouth guard. Here’s how a mouth guard can help protect your oral health:

  • Mouth guards block opposing teeth and jaws from smacking against each other, thereby preventing extreme pressure.
  • Mouth guards fit over your teeth to protect a cushion against frontal blows.
  • Mouth guards repel and redistribute the forces of impact.
  • Mouth guards separate the mandible and the maxilla to help decrease concussive effects.
  • Biting down on a mouth guard helps stabilize the head and strengthen neck muscles.
  • The sharp edges of your teeth may cut your lips, tongue, or cheeks, but a mouth guard acts as a barrier between your teeth and soft tissues to prevent lacerations and bruising.
  • Studies show that mouth guards can improve athletic performance because proper protection makes players feel stronger and more confident.

Dr. Greenfield can provide a custom-fitted mouth guard to protect your smile from damage. Fortunately, if you suffer from broken or knocked out teeth, your Lake Orion dentist can restore your smile with dental crowns, implants, or bridges. Contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, Michigan, at (248) 693-6213 to schedule an appointment. We welcome families from Lake Orion, Oxford, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, and the surrounding communities.

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