Auburn Hills, MI Dentist Offers Holistic Dentistry

Do you ever wonder what role your mouth plays in the health of your body and mind? Surprisingly, your mouth can predict the state of your overall health. When it comes to dentistry, many dentists simply look to resolve the issues ailing your gum tissue, teeth and jawbone structure, yet a holistic dentist understands which procedures and medicines improve your oral health without affecting the rest of your body. If you’re interested in having dental care that goes beyond just your teeth, then your Auburn Hills, MI dentist, Dr. Brad Greenfield, is the dentist for you.

What’s Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry (or bicompatible dentistry) doesn’t just focus on the health of your teeth—it’s an entire body-mind experience. For example, a holistic dentist that treats a patient for gum disease isn’t simply concerned with ridding the mouth of the illness, how the treatment affects the body is also an important factor. Since gum disease has been linked heart disease and Alzheimer’s, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist wants to ensure the patient’s vital organs won’t suffer. Holistic dentistry is another way to keep your body safe when oral issues arise.

Holistic Approaches to Traditional Dental Procedures

  • Fillings. When it comes to cavities, holistic dentistry doesn’t allow mercury-based amalgam to enter a patient’s mouth. Mercury is toxic and amalgam fillings tend to leak small amount of mercury into your body. To repair and fill a cavity, a holistic dentist uses composite resin material instead. Not only is it safe to use, the composite color-matches your enamel for a flawless restoration.
  • Root canal therapy. A root canal is only effective if the tooth root is 100% sterilized and free of the bacteria present in the infected pulp. Holistic dentists argue that it’s not possible to sterilize the canal to this extent, therefore, holistic dentists choose not to perform the procedure. Although, in cases with severe tooth decay an extraction is performed instead.
  • Fluoride treatments. Some holistic dentists dislike the use of ingested fluoride since it’s been linked to cancer and may cause bone problems; however, some agree that topical fluoride is acceptable to use.

Visit Your Holistic Auburn Hills, MI Dentist

Holistic dentistry is great way to promote a healthier lifestyle with a more natural approach to dental care. At your Auburn Hills, MI dental office you can free your body of impurities, while maintaining excellent oral hygiene. To schedule an appointment with our office call us at (248) 693-6213. Also, visit our website for services, smile gallery, and patient forms. We happily serve patients in Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Oxford, Rochester Hills, and neighboring communities.