Lake Orion MI Dentist Discusses Fitness for Your Mouth and Body

The warm weather and approaching summer seems to tune our minds in to the idea of fitness. But did you know that there are ways to align your fitness goals with your oral health goals? Read below as your Lake Orion MI dentist, Dr. Brad Greenfield, explains how your zest for fitness can contribute to your oral health.

Your Diet and Your Mouth

A large part of fitness is concerned with the things you put into your body. The things you eat and drink can have a drastic effect upon your appearance and your health. The same can be said for your mouth, and the best part is that what’s good for your body also tends to be good for your mouth and vice versa.

For instance, one of the first rules of putting together a healthy diet is to limit your sugar intake because sugar contains many calories and does not contribute nutrients to your body. However, by cutting sugar, you will do more than lower your calorie intake. You will also reduce the food supply for harmful bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria feed on lingering sugar in the mouth, and when they do, they produce an acid byproduct that strips teeth of their enamel. Thus, when you cut sugar, you help your waistline and your teeth.

Exercise, Dieting, and Your Mouth

One of most frequent complaints voiced by people attempting to change their diets to eliminate sugar is that they do well enough during meals, but succumb to sugar-filled snacks. One answer to the snacking problem is exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise. It may sound strange—after all, exercise burns calories and will likely make you hungrier—but research has shown that cardiovascular exercise can curb an appetite for over an hour following completion of the exercise, allowing you to resist snacking and make it to your next meal. By avoiding sugary snacks, you will lower your risk for tooth decay.

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