Rochester Hills Dentist Offers Innovative Holistic Dentistry

At Lake Orion Family Dentistry, we believe your dental work should look natural and reflect your unique facial structure. This is why your Rochester Hills dentist, Dr. Brad Greenfield, offers holistic dentistry. With the holistic approach, Dr. Greenfield offers metal-free restorations made from biocompatible materials. In today’s blog, Dr. Greenfield explains how our holistic approach to dental care provides natural looking and long lasting restorations.

CEREC Crowns

A crown is a cap that fits completely over the visible portion of a tooth. Crowns help repair and restore teeth damaged from trauma or tooth decay. Crowns are also used to replace missing teeth in dental bridge and dental implant procedures. Typically, placing a crown requires two visits and an interim period of wearing a temporary crown. With CEREC technology however, Dr. Greenfield can create and place a custom-made crown in a single visit. After taking photographs of your prepared tooth, the images are used to create a 3D image. The special CEREC machine then mills the tooth from blocks of dental ceramic based on the 3D image. In just one appointment, your tooth can be returned to full function and appearance.

Composite Fillings

Instead of metal fillings, your Rochester Hills MI cosmetic dentist offers tooth-colored composite fillings. Unlike amalgam fillings, our tooth-colored fillings contain no metals and no trace amounts of mercury. Composite fillings are durable and can be shaded to blend seamlessly with your smile. If you have old metal fillings, Dr. Greenfield can remove them following strict safety protocols to protect you and his team from mercury exposure. He will then replace them with our esthetically pleasing tooth-colored fillings.

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Interested in improving your smile with holistic dentistry? Then call today at 248-693-6213 to schedule an appointment with your Rochester Hills MI cosmetic dentist, Dr. Greenfield. At Lake Prion Family Dentistry, Dr. Greenfield offers our patients a holistic approach to general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. Our 48360 dental office proudly serves families from Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Oxford, and Rochester Hills, as well as many other areas in southeast Michigan.