Lake Orion, MI Dentist Suggest Top-Rated Teething Toys for Infants

July 29, 2013

Do you have a teething baby at home? Then you already know how tough it is to alleviate the baby’s discomfort. However, with teething toys, you can help improve their distress. Your Lake Orion, MI dentist, Dr. Brad Greenfield, gives patients a list of popular teething toys.

For Teething Babies, Try Some of These Teething Toys

  • Vulli: Sophie the Giraffe. A rubberized giraffe with real-feel skin makes this teething toy incredibly poplar and recommended by your Lake Orion, MI dentist. The giraffe is toxin-free since the manufacturers use food paint and natural rubber during production. There’s also a squeaker in body of the toy to entertain your baby as they chew the soothing surface.
  • Under the Nile: Organic Fruit Tote. The fruit tote is made from all organic materials, which makes this teething toy very baby-friendly. The fruit pieces have a soft material that your little one can grab and gnaw. Also, as a toddler, he or she can carry the tote around. Not to mention, the entire set is completely machine washable. This allows parents to rid the germs each piece accumulates throughout the day.
  • Kathe Kruse: Rainbow Baby. The doll has a soft body that’s made for chewing. Moreover, the doll has a wooden ring also made for chewing. Your baby can receive relief and a cute toy that comes in variety of colors.
  • Razbaby: Raz-Berry Teether. For babies who prefer to have a pacifier in their mouths, this teething toy is the one to have. With an extra bumpy design, a baby can feel relief on their aching gums. Additionally, the silicone material makes the teether flexible and easy-to-grip.
  • Natursutten Apple Teething Ring. This teething ring has the classic appeal. With a easy-to-grab shape—made just for a baby’s hand—you can take this ring just about everywhere. The massaging bumps help soothe your baby’s gums; plus, if you’re using the ring at-home, place the teether in refrigerator to chill the water inside. This makes the ring more soothing for your baby’s mouth.

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