Lake Orion, MI Implant Dentist: Preparing for Dental Implants

Choosing dental implants as your tooth replacement method is great decision. As the most secure tooth replacement option, getting an implant ensures years of confident smiles. However, before the procedure is conducted, both you and the doctor must have a clear understanding of the process.

Dr. Brad Greenfield, your Lake Orion, MI implant dentist shares the preparatory process before the dental implant procedure takes place.

What to Expect Before the Implantation Procedure

  • Comprehensive exam. Once you decide to go through with dental implants, the dentist examines your mouth to ensure you qualify for the procedure. Unfortunately, for patients with low jaw bone mass, dental implants cannot serve as tooth replacement method. Since the implant becomes anchored within the jaw bone, sufficient bone mass is required for the implant procedure to have positive results. If this applies to you, though, your Lake Orion, MI implant dentist can find an alternative tooth replacement.
  • Treatment plan. After you’ve been cleared for the procedure, the doctor devises a treatment plan that’s catered to your specific needs. This includes: the number of implants being placed and the details of your jaw bone structure. During this time you may need to visit a couple of specialists.
  • Types of anesthesia. Before the surgery, the dentist determines which kind of oral sedation you will utilize. Generally, local anesthesia works just fine. Yet, some patients have allergies to certain types of anesthesia. For those cases, the dentist finds an equivalent anesthesia that’s safe for your use.
  • Medications. If you take any kind of medication that isn’t solely the occasional over-the-counter medicine for mild aches and pains, make sure the dentist knows. The medicine you’re currently on may not mix well with anesthesia or any of the recovery medications the doctor prescribes.

Lake Orion Family Dentistry Provides Tooth Replacement Options

Before the dental implant procedure, Dr. Greenfield completes a number of preparations to ensure the surgery is a success. To schedule an appointment with your Lake Orion, MI implant dentist, call (248) 693-6213. Also, visit our website for services, patient forms, and smile gallery. We happily serve patients in Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Oxford, Lake Orion, and neighboring communities.