Clarkston, MI Dentist: Worst Alcoholic Beverages for Your Smile

Do you enjoy a cocktail for time-to-time? The average person likes to have a little drink once in while and there’s usually no harm in it. However, some alcoholic beverages can harm your smile quite a bit.

For this reason, your Clarkston, MI dentist, Dr. Brad Greenfield, shares which drinks can damage your smile more than others, in the following article.

Cocktails That Wreak Havoc Upon Teeth

  • Rum and coke. This drink is a double whammy—acidity and an incredibly high sugar content. The rum on its own is acidic, yet, when mixed with a carbonated soda, your enamel weakens with ease. Additionally, sodas come packed with sugar, which easily attaches to the softened tooth enamel and promotes tooth decay. If you choose to drink a rum and coke, your Clarkston, MI dentist recommends drinking water alongside it to wash away the sugar and help your teeth regain their strength.

  • Hard cider. One bottle of hard cider has a pH level of about three, which means the enamel doesn’t stand a chance against this acidic beverage. Just like with the rum and coke, have a sip a water between sips of the cider to protect your teeth.

  • Sparkling drinks. Wines like moscato don’t bode well for teeth due to it’s natural semi-fizzy qualities and sweetness. Furthermore, drinks like white wine spritzers also contain the same qualities and tend to harm teeth.

  • Wine. Even though non-sparkling wines like chardonnay and pinot grigio don’t have natural bubbles, these wines still prove quite acidic. Moreover, red wines like merlot and cabernet sauvignon not only contain acidic qualities, the darker color tends to stain teeth. For wine drinkers, it’s best to limit yourself to one glass of wine and allow 20 minutes before brushing.

Lake Orion Family Dentistry Offers Dental Health Care Tips

For more tips and tricks to maintaining your dental health in check, talk to Dr. Greenfield. He can explain which beverages—alcoholic or otherwise—can harm your smile and which ones have been dentist approved. To schedule an appointment with your Clarkston, MI dentist, call (248) 693-6213. Also, visit our website for services, patient forms, and smile gallery. We happily serve patients in Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Oxford, Lake Orion, and neighboring communities.