Lake Orion Implant Dentist: Are dental implants right for you?

Missing teeth can cause a variety of problems, but the most poignant including reduction in self-esteem that comes with each tooth lost. For many people, gum disease, poor oral health, or lack of accessibility to dental care result in tooth loss. For others, an injury causes missing teeth. Whatever the cause of your tooth loss, Dr. Greenfield in Lake Orion, MI will work with you to determine whether a dental implant is the best choice.

What determines whether I am a good candidate for dental implants?

For healthy adults, dental implants can be an effective option for tooth replacement. Though dental implants boast a 95-98% success rate, smoking, gum disease, osteoporosis, poor bone density, and other factors may hinder the potential for successful implants. Dr. Greenfield has a comprehensive understanding of implants, and he’ll examine your mouth, jaws, and medical and dental history prior to making a recommendation. In some cases, bringing the mouth to full health with treatment or bone grafts can improve a patient’s candidacy for implants.

If dental implants are my best option, what can I expect during the procedure?

After you’re sedated or under local anesthetic, a small, artificial tooth root made of titanium will be implanted into your jawbone for each implant, or a few may be placed to secure a denture. Dr. Greenfield will allow 3 – 6 months for your jawbone to heal and grow around the implant. Following this period of osseointegration, a connection called an abutment will be attached to the top of the posts. Then, your crown or denture can be secured to the abutment(s). The prosthetic will look and function like a natural, healthy part of your mouth.

Is there any after-care involved?

Most people find the implant placement procedure simple and brief. You will be provided with care instructions to follow during the osseointegration period. Smoking should be avoided. After securing your implants, care for them as you do your natural teeth. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily are essential, as well as regular dental check-ups and cleanings. With proper oral care, dental implants can last 25 years or more.

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