How Implant Dentures Help You Recapture the Joy of Food

Few pleasures in life can compare to the joy of a good meal. With a multitude of textures, flavors, and aromas, enjoyment of food is one of those few experiences that seem to transcend the cultural and class differences that often keep us apart. Unfortunately, if you have lost your teeth or are currently wearing removable dentures, eating has likely lost some of its joy. Today, we’re discussing how dental implant retained dentures can help you recapture your love of food.

Two Drawbacks of Removable Dentures

Two aspects of the basic design of traditional dentures interfere with your ability to enjoy your food:

  • Chewing ability. Your real teeth exert up to 200 lbs of force to bite and pulverize food in preparation for digestion. Traditional dentures only help wearers recover about one-fifth to one-fourth of that bite force and chewing ability. This means that many foods, like whole cuts of lean meat (think sirloin steak as opposed to ground beef), crunchy vegetables and fruit, and fiber-rich whole grains, are out of the realm of consumable foods.
  • Tasting ability. Upper dentures need added suction to help them stay in place. This is accomplished via a plate that fits snugly over the roof of the mouth (or palate). However, the roof of the mouth is covered in tiny taste receptors that enhance the flavor of your food. When they’re covered up by a denture plate, you lose your ability to fully savor what you eat.

How Implant Dentures Improve on the Original

Implant dentures are, as the name suggests, held in place by small implant posts which have been secured within the jaw bone, mimicking the structure and function of dental roots. These prosthetic tooth roots provide a dramatically more stable support system than mere suction and denture adhesives can provide. This means that implant dentures wearers can recover up to 90% of their original chewing ability, allowing them to enjoy the diverse textures of a normal diet. In addition, implant retained dentures do not use palate plates, so the taste receptors on the roof of the mouth remain uncovered, meaning you experience no reduction in tasting ability.

If you have lost all or most of your teeth or you have worn dentures for years and long to take the same joy from mealtimes that you used to, talk to your dentist about implant supported dentures.

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