Periodontal Therapy: The Deluxe Wash for Gums

Deluxe. Super. Mega. We see these words everywhere, usually when advertisers wish to convey that a product is the absolute best, most intense option available. You’ve probably noticed this phenomenon when shopping for cleaning products, or even at the car wash. If you do battle with major dirt, stains, and muck, you know that intense cleaning power is an absolute must-have. It turns out that your teeth and your car have more in common than you might think, says Dr. Brad Greenfield of Lake Orion Dentistry. Dr. Greenfield, who offers treatment for periodontal disease in Lake Orion, MI, explains the surprising similarities between infected gums and filthy cars.

Bugs, Birds, and Built-up Plaque

Picture this: It’s been months since you last washed your car, and since then you’ve driven it through torrential downpours, clouds of insects, and beneath several large birds. By the time you’ve decided to clean it, you realize that you’ll need far more than a cloth and a bucket of suds. Do you devote your entire Saturday to scrubbing away bits of bugs, or do you fill your pockets with quarters and head for the car wash? Thank goodness for the Deluxe Wash!

Now, think about how this might apply to your teeth. Perhaps you’ve lapsed in your oral hygiene regimen, or a health condition has made caring for your teeth and gums more difficult. Like a vehicle, your teeth are subjected to all types of debris, such as food and bacteria (hopefully no bugs, though). Plaque and tartar form beneath your gum line and between your teeth, and the surface of your teeth no longer appears pearly white. This causes gum recession, which exposes the roots of your teeth and increases your susceptibility to periodontal disease and ultimately tooth loss.

Cleaning Requires More Effort and Commitment

Once tartar forms on and around the roots of your teeth, it is virtually impossible to remove with your toothbrush and dental floss. It’s time for a more intensive solution, a dental deluxe wash for your teeth: deep cleaning, or periodontal therapy. Compared to a standard professional teeth cleaning, periodontal therapy takes a more aggressive approach to eliminating debris. Dr. Greenfield may recommend topical antibiotics to treat your infected gums. We perform scaling to eliminate all traces of tartar from beneath your gum line, and we use root planing to gently polish the roots of your teeth, making them less hospitable to tartar. In some cases, a soft tissue laser is employed to facilitate faster healing of gum tissue.

Like most cars, teeth that are properly cared for will serve you well for many, many years. On the other hand, neglecting the most basic maintenance can have disastrous consequences. We find that life is much simpler and more enjoyable when driving a fully functional vehicle and sporting a healthy, attractive smile.

Gum disease is reversible in its earliest stages. To learn more about periodontal therapy, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brad Greenfield, contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry at (248) 693-6213. We welcome patients living in Royal Oak, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Oxford, and the surrounding areas. For the latest news and oral care insights, follow us on Facebook.