Ready for Teeth Whitening?

Do you feel like your smile is causing you to look older than your true age? A discolored smile can cause you to look older because we associate vibrant, white smiles with youthful teeth. Rather than suffering with a smile that you feel embarrassed to show others, we encourage you to consider the benefits of teeth whitening. Whether you suffer from allover yellowing or problematic stains, if you feel you’re ready for whitening, read ahead to learn more about this wonderful cosmetic treatment:

Desiring A Whiter Smile Is Common

You aren’t the only person who wants a whiter, brighter smile. Professional teeth whitening is quite popular. We often find that patients feel they could have done something differently to prevent their staining. The truth is, the natural side effects of moving through life often result in a lackluster smile. Fortunately, whether your problem has arisen as a result of medication side effects, natural wear and tear, the effects of certain drinks or foods – like coffee or red wine – or if you use tobacco products, our treatments will target and remove discoloration.

You Can Whiten At Home

Do you wish for a whiter smile but you aren’t expecting any type of urgency? Would you prefer to whiten your teeth at home? We offer a take-home system that includes the use of custom-fitted trays. You will wear them once a day, typically for approximately one hour, over the course of two weeks. Once your treatment is complete, you will enjoy a dramatically whiter smile.

Achieve Fast Whitening

Do you prefer to achieve changes instantly? Are you under time constraints? We often find that individuals with upcoming events like weddings are looking for an instant fix to an improved smile. For speedy results, we offer Zoom! Whitening. Within approximately one hour, we can lighten your teeth’s color by several shades in our office.


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