Metal-Free Fillings: Your FAQs

Have you noticed that we offer metal-free fillings to benefit your oral health but you aren’t quite sure what to make of this solution? Does the idea of a metal filling sound like the typical treatment for a cavity but you are excited to learn about an alternative? Fortunately, we offer tooth-colored fillings to make sure we offer a restorative treatment that is safe and effective for our diverse roster of patients. We are happy you are interested in improving your oral health and encourage you to look through the following frequently asked questions – and answers – for a clearer understanding of what makes our fillings so wonderful:

Filling FAQs

Question: What’s wrong with metal fillings?

Answer: Some patients may tolerate metal perfectly well. In fact, the FDA and ADA have both determined that amalgam fillings – which contain mercury – are safe for most people, except children, pregnant women, and individuals allergic to metal. Because mercury may cause allergic reactions and is also toxic in large amounts, we have simply said goodbye to metal and hello to composite.

Question: What are composite fillings?

Answer: Composite is a synthetic resin material that we can color-match to your surrounding tooth. It is a metal-free filling that you may also hear referred to as “white fillings” or “tooth-colored fillings.”

Question: Are metal-free filling safe for individuals who cannot receive amalgam?

Answer: Yes, they are appropriate for allergy sufferers, children, and pregnant women.

Question: Are there any cosmetic benefits to this treatment?

Answer: Yes, unlike metal fillings that may cause a tooth to appear dark or gray, composite fillings restore the beauty of your tooth in addition to your oral health. It will simply look as though you never suffered from tooth decay.

Question: I have amalgam fillings in my mouth already – can you replace them?

Answer: In most cases, yes. We will safely remove the old fillings from your mouth and replace them with beautiful white ones. 


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