Beautify Your Smile with Cosmetic Bonding

February 17, 2015

Ever wondered what to do about a tiny chip on your tooth? Worried that a minor crack is something you will simply have to accept as a part of your smile? Think again. We offer cosmetic bonding to address minor imperfections that detract from the beauty and uniformity of your smile. Fortunately, this cosmetic treatment offers improvements for more than just chips and cracks. If you have been looking for a budget-friendly means of feeling more confident about your smile, we encourage you to learn more about this treatment. To find out whether bonding may offer you the smile changes you desire, keep reading:

About Cosmetic Bonding

This treatment offers a great amount of versatility. First, this is true because we use composite – a synthetic resin material that is easy to sculpt into the desired shape. We will begin by using liquid resin, which we will place on the affected area. From there, we may smooth it over an aesthetic concern somewhat like paint. Or, we will mold the composite into the desire shape. Once we achieve the visual goal, we will set the material with a curing light so it is solid and dry. To complete the process, we will gently polish the bonded area for a smooth, seamless finish.

Benefits of Bonding

Cosmetic bonding effectively treats a wide variety of concerns. You may have noticed that this treatment adds the illusion of tissue or coverage, so it is appropriate for minor damage, open spaces, or areas that require an extension, such as a tooth that is shorter than those around it. Look over the following ways we may utilize this treatment to your advantage:

  • We can cover aesthetic problems like isolated stains or minor chips
  • Rather than resorting to braces for a small space between teeth, we may fill that gap with bonding, so your teeth look like they are touching one another
  • Bonding effectively replaces minor tissue loss, such as a gently chipped tooth so the tooth looks whole again


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