Metal-Free Crowns In A Day

February 14, 2015

You are probably overjoyed when you find out we can safeguard your tooth – even after serious trauma – with a beautiful dental crown. Fortunately, in addition to offering the restorative care you need after a root canal treatment or in the wake of tooth injury like breakage or a large cavity, our treatment will offer you a variety of additional benefits. How is that, you ask? We offer one-day metal-free crowns with our CEREC technology. Wondering what all of this means and how it will help improve your smile? Look over the following:

Metal-Free Means Safe and Beautiful

You may worry when you find out you need a crown that you will end up with unsightly metal in your mouth. Fortunately, our crowns are made of ceramic. This material is naturally translucent, just like your own natural teeth that are composed of many translucent layers of tissue. The appearance of the crown will mimic your own teeth. In addition, we will color-match the crown your other teeth – it will blend seamlessly with your smile for a natural, believable appearance. In addition, this metal-free crown is safe for nearly all patients, including individuals who suffer from metal allergies.

No Need for Temporary Crowns

We utilize an in-office CEREC machine, which relies on the use of CAD/CAM technology. This offers you many benefits, the most appealing of which is that it will create your crown out of a solid block of ceramic before you leave. You will receive your one-day, metal-free crown without needing to leave the office with a temporary crown in your mouth. Additional benefits include the following:

  • The technology creates digital impressions of your mouth, so you won’t need to worry about messy traditional impressions
  • The actual creation process takes approximately one hour
  • We will have time to prep your tooth and place the crown within the same visit


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