What You Want to Know: Porcelain Veneers

Are you considering visiting us to transform the beauty of your smile? If so, porcelain veneers can make over your entire smile, addressing a long list of potential esthetic problems. Suffering from small cracks or minor chips? Veneers will cover them. Dealing with severe stains, awkward tooth shape, or spaces between your teeth? Not a problem for veneers. While you may already know that this cosmetic treatment will leave you with a brilliant, white, gorgeous smile, you may still have some questions. To find out more regarding those questions hanging around in the back of your mind, take a look at the following:

What You Want To Know

Question: How do you plan my veneers?

Answer: We will meet with you for a consultation. We cannot simply offer you a universal set of porcelain veneers because everyone’s smile is completely unique. We will work with you to first examine your smile and then to find out how you feel about its appearance. This will permit us to compile a list of preferences you have for the way your smile will look once the veneers are placed.

Question: How do you make my veneers?

Answer: Once we have gathered the information we need for your preferences, we will then take impressions of your teeth. We take these to provide us with the particular dimensions of each tooth, so we can offer you a wonderful fit. The impressions will be used by our dental lab’s master ceramicist, who will personally custom-create your veneers. Once we receive your veneers, we will have you return for a follow-up appointment.

Question: How many visits will that make?

Answer: You will typically need to come see us only two to three times until your porcelain veneers are fully crafted and fitted. During your final appointment, we will temporarily place the veneers over your smile, allowing us to make any minor changes before placement. Then, we will bond them to your teeth for a solid, long-lasting fit.


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