Reasons You May Need A Dental Crown

Dental crowns have the ability to rescue a tooth that requires exceptional assistance and that can no longer remain standing in its current state. This is, of course, wonderful news, since every patient is happy to escape the need for a tooth extraction when possible. However, you may still find that you are unsure why we have suggested a crown or why you may need one in the future. Rather than wonder why a different restorative treatment does not fit the bill (or feel like you’re agreeing to treatment without feeling like you understand why) we prefer that you feel empowered, educated, and knowledgeable. Increase your understanding of what’s happening with your smile and how we will improve your oral health with the following information:

Reasons for Dental Crowns

  1. A Broken Tooth. Did you break your tooth? Unless it was a minor, cosmetic chip (which is treatable with bonding) you will need a dental crown. You see, your tooth cannot regenerate its own tissue. In addition, leaving a broken tooth as it is can be uncomfortable, lead to an unbalanced bite, and it may become vulnerable to infection. A crown will cover the tooth, restoring its function and appearance.
  2. A Weak Tooth. Is your tooth weak and at risk of breakage? Rather than waiting for it to break, we can often save you the stress and discomfort by protecting it preventively. A crown will cover the tooth, offering improved strength.
  3. A Severe Cavity. Some cavities become too large and complex for a simple dental filling. In this case, we will still remove the decayed tissue, so the problem no longer progresses. However, we will place a crown to restore the tooth’s structure and protect it from further problems.
  4. Complete Root Canal Treatment. We usually place a dental crown after root canal treatment because your tooth will require restorative support to remain in your mouth.
  5. Serious Cosmetic Damage. Do you wish to improve the esthetic value of your tooth but cosmetic treatment will not offer the transformation you desire? A beautiful crown offers comprehensive tooth coverage, so your tooth looks new.


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