Cosmetic Bonding: FAQs

Patients considering cosmetic bonding to address small esthetic problems, such as chips, are making a wise decision. Bonding offers a wealth of benefits when it comes to addressing the little not-so-beautiful imperfections that can have a significant impact on one’s smile. While the idea of bonding may appeal to you, we find that patients are often feeling left out in the cold regarding the more technical aspects of cosmetic treatments. Rather than worrying about the tiny details, we encourage you to ask your questions, so you can feel excited about your dental care choices. In the meantime, take a look at the following FAQs (and answers) for more information about bonding:

Bonding FAQs

Question: Will I need to schedule many appointments?

Answer: No. Bonding is usually a cosmetic treatment we can complete within a single visit. Though you may revisit us for additional bonding treatments in the future, we can typically address all of your concerns within a single appointment.

Question: Is cosmetic bonding considered expensive?

Answer: No. Especially when you compare bonding with other cosmetic treatments, such as whitening or porcelain veneers, which may offer similar esthetic improvements, bonding is always the winner when it comes to budget friendliness. You can achieve a surprising transformation by addressing minor imperfections with bonding.

Question: Will it be comfortable?

Answer: Yes. Cosmetic bonding does not include any aspects that may result in discomfort. We will simply apply composite to your target tooth, sculpt the composite, set it with a special light, and then gently polish your tooth. There is no need for anesthetic or for concern.

Question: Is a bonded tooth difficult to care for?

Answer: No. You will simply need to continue caring for the bonded tooth – and the rest of your smile – according to the best practices for natural teeth. This means you should brush twice daily, floss once daily, use products without abrasive properties, and avoid doing anything that may quickly damage the area, such as habitually chewing on hard objects like ice or pens.


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