All About Dental Cleanings

If you ask most people, they will tell you that a dental cleaning is an essential part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. However, that does not mean that each of those people schedules consistent cleanings. You may know that it’s important to visit us for preventive care but you might not necessarily know why, which can cause you some problems when it comes to motivation and urgency. To give you a little bit of get-up-and-go when it comes to feeling strongly about protecting your teeth, we would like you to learn more about cleanings with the following information:

What’s A Dental Cleaning?

A dental cleanings is one portion of a two-part preventive dentistry visit. The other part consists of a dental checkup, which is when we will examine your smile for changes or potential concerns. During your cleaning, you can expect us to remove nearly every trace of plaque. You see, even if you brush your teeth every day and floss according to our instructions, some plaque will still be left behind – it’s quite a sticky substance that sneaks easily into little grooves and fissures. After we remove the plaque with careful techniques and a gentle yet comprehensive approach, we will polish your smile. You can expect to leave our practice with a fresh feeling mouth.

Why Are Cleanings So Important?

About that plaque that sticks to your teeth every day – it’s dangerous stuff when it is allowed to sit on your teeth. Here’s what happens:

  • Plaque is full of bacteria
  • Plaque sticks to your teeth every day, which is why you need to brush and floss to remove it
  • The bacteria in plaque feed on carbs within your mouth
  • As bacteria digest what they’ve consumed, they release irritating acids, which lead to tooth decay as well as gum disease

Now you see why keeping as much plaque off of your teeth as possible (at all times) is extremely important. See us once every six months and make sure you brush and floss between appointments, and you can expect to maintain a healthy smile.


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