Tips For Preventing TMJ Disorder

Tips For Preventing TMJ DisorderDealing with daily jaw discomfort as a result of TMJ disorder is something that becomes increasingly frustrating. Fortunately, you have a variety of solutions at your disposal for preventing the occurrence of this jaw-strain related disorder. From minor daily changes to the decision to visit us for professional dental care, a variety of options can keep your jaw joints (TMJs – or temporomandibular joints) in comfortable condition, without suffering from daily stress. Find out more with the following and remember to schedule a consultation with us, so we may provide tailored care to your particular needs:

Stop Skipping Dental Checkups

You may begin straining your TMJs without dealing with immediately serious side effects. This may be something we can detect during your six-month checkups. Or, you may suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching), which can lead to TMJ disorder. By monitoring your oral health, we can quickly identify these factors, preventing TMJ problems from worsening and causing long-term damage.

End Bad Habits

Anything that causes you to overwork your jaw or place added strain on your TMJs is not beneficial – stopping these habits will assist in preventing TMJ disorder. For instance, do you chew on ice, bite your fingernails, snack on crunchy or hard foods, or chew on pens? These are the types of vices that can lead to or aggravate TMJ issues.

Find Ways To Relax

Tensing your jaw muscles or clenching your teeth can worsen TMJ strain. Find ways to relieve stress during the day, from yoga to listening to enjoyable, relaxing music. Keep your TMJs relaxed and you can contribute to keeping the disorder at bay.

Say, “Yes” To Treatment

TMJ disorder treatment is an effective, non-invasive way to prevent the serious, long-term side effects associated with the jaw disorder. You see, we will most likely suggest you wear a nightguard, which will provide your TMJs with a relaxed position, relieving stress and protecting against strain.


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