Repairs For Your Smile

Repairs for Your SmileYou may find that you aren’t quite sure what to expect when it comes to repairs for your smile. The good new is that we offer restorative care options that will improve your smile when something goes wrong. While we encourage you to rely as much as you can on preventive dentistry (which includes brushing, flossing, and visiting us for checkups and cleanings) your teeth are vulnerable to occasional traumas and changes. Don’t worry – our solutions will quickly guide you back to comfort, function, health, and beauty.

If You Have A Cavity…

You will need a dental filling. You need this because tooth decay is progressive, meaning it will continue to become worse as time passes. Fortunately, we offer metal-free fillings, so you can expect a “white filling” that will restore both your oral health and the esthetic value of your tooth. These fillings are safe for almost all of our patients, including young children, pregnant women, and metal allergy sufferers.

If You Have A Broken Tooth…

If you have broken your tooth, which can happen as the result of tooth decay or as a complete accident, we offer dental crowns, which are hollow, artificial teeth that we place over your damaged natural teeth. Even more exciting? We offer CEREC one-visit crowns, which are composed of lifelike ceramic. You can expect to receive the crown within a single restorative care appointment.

If You’re Missing A Tooth…

If you have suffered tooth loss, it is very important that you replace your missing tooth. In addition to improving the beauty of your smile and your confidence, replacing a tooth will preserve the current alignment of your smile and your daily comfort and function. We offer a variety of restorative care options, including dental bridges, partial dentures, and full dentures.


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