Yes, Root Canal Treatment Is Comfortable

Yes, root canal treatment is comfortableRoot canal treatment is comfortable and extremely effective, which may not sound like exactly what you expected to hear. We understand that you may have heard stories to the contrary. Fortunately, this restorative solution is something that can save your tooth, while removing the source of infection and any uncomfortable side effects. Ready to say goodbye to those side effects? By learning more about how we keep you comfortable during treatment, you will feel much more confident saying, “yes” to scheduling your visit.

Say Goodbye to Gossip

Many of your friends or family member may have incorrectly informed you that a root canal is not a comfortable treatment. Unfortunately for you, they have filled your mind with information that may cause you to hesitate to treat your infected tooth. It is important to keep in mind that most people associate discomfort with root canals because an infected tooth commonly includes inflammation and pain.

The First Thing We Do

The very first thing we do when you visit us for a root canal treatment is help you get comfortable. We will use local anesthetic to numb the tissues that surround your infected tooth as well as the tooth itself. Once we have determined that your tissues are numb, we can move forward with treatment.


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