Preventive Tip: Eat and Drink Your Way to Better Oral Health

Eat and Drink Your Way to Better Oral HealthYou have probably heard that calcium is good for your bones, and, therefore, your teeth. But you need more than just milk to keep your smile looking and feeling its best. In addition to preventive dentistry, a well-balanced diet can do a lot for your oral health, especially if you know what to look for, and what to eat. Nutrient-rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables can be great allies in the fight against plaque, and the many dental problems it can bring about. But, there are some other tricks (and treats) that can help, too!

Fluoride Is Your Friend

Did you know that fluoride is actually even more important to preventing cavities than limiting sugar? This is why many dentists offer fluoride treatments as part of their preventive care services. It’s also found in saliva, which is why a dry mouth is a bad thing, and why you should be careful how much and how often you drink alcohol.

Fluoride is a mineral which helps you absorb calcium, and to use it more efficiently. So look for it in your dental products, but also in some of your favorite food products.

For instance, green tea. Did you know some teas contain fluoride? And that is just one of their beneficial ingredients.

Other Teeth Benefits of Tea

Studies indicate that both green and black teas can actually help protect your teeth, because of the polyphenols in them, as well. Polyphenols can help to fight bacteria growth, by making it less sticky, and therefore less likely to stick to your teeth.

Plaque bacteria is the primary reason for cavities and can lead to gum disease, as well, so it’s quite important to fight against calcified plaque buildup (which can only be removed through a professional cleaning).

If you’re not a fan of tea, or need to limit your caffeine, another great source of polyphenols is cranberries. Just make sure to buy fresh cranberries or products without a lot of added sugar, or you’ll be counteracting their great benefits. And always drink plenty of water, to keep your teeth clean and your mouth (and body) hydrated.


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