What Can Dental Bonding Do to Improve Your Smile?

What Can Dental Bonding Do to Improve Your Smile?

Do you wish your teeth looked better, but are worried cosmetic dentistry is out of reach? Cosmetic bonding allows your dentist to help improve the shape and size of your teeth, through the use of a composite resin material, which can be sculpted to improve the symmetry of your smile. If you’ve spent years feeling shy or insecure because of imperfections in your smile, it’s time to see if dental bonding could fix them.

How Bonding Works

Bonding can accomplish many of the same wonderful improvements as veneers, but at a much lower cost. That’s because veneers must be ordered through a skilled ceramicist, shipped to the dentist, and then finally affixed to your teeth. But bonding can be completed, from start-to-finish, in the dentist’s office, often in less than an hour.

First the dentist will discuss your concerns with you, and will then tint the resin material to match your teeth. (If you wish your teeth were whiter, you may want to have whitening completed before requesting bonding, so that the end results will be bright and beautiful.) The dentist will then apply the material to any teeth needing improvement, such as those that are disproportionally small, jagged, or overly sharp. By sculpting the resin the dentist will create the appearance of a more uniform smile. When the sculpting is complete, a light will be used to harden the material, and it will then be polished, so you can leave the office with a shiny smile that looks like yours, just better.


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