Can You Receive A Crown In One Visit?

greenfieldcrownIf you have severe tooth decay or have damaged a tooth then you require a restoration. In the past, receiving a dental crown meant committing to multiple visits to the office. However, we can now create and place a dental crown all in one visit. This convenient procedure also offers our patients access to lifelike restorations that can last for decades with the right care and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About CEREC One Visit Crowns

Question: What is CEREC?

Answer: CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology to create a custom-made dental restoration, one that addresses a variety of different issues and can be completed in the same visit. Made from ceramic, these restorations are strong, stain-resistant, and can last for decades in some cases.

Question: When do I need a one?

Answer: You may need a crown if you break a tooth or one suffers from advanced decay. In addition, we can use one to complete a root canal procedure or to restore a dental implant. If you experience discomfort, such as a persistent toothache, or develop chips or fractures in the tooth, then you may need a dental crown.

Question: How does placement work?

Answer: First, the dentist prepares the tooth by removing a small amount of structure. He then takes digital impressions with an intraoral camera. The information is uploaded into the CEREC machine, where the device sculpts the new restoration from a solid block of ceramic. The dentist checks the fit and then places the restoration after making any necessary adjustments.

Question: How long will my new restoration last?

Answer: They can last for decades, but will require routine care and maintenance. You should brush and floss around the tooth, and all your teeth, each day. You also need to see the dentist for a checkup and cleaning about once every six months.


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