What Is Holistic Dental Care?

greenfielddentalholisticAt Lake Orion Family Dentistry, we want to provide our patients with a comfortable experience and dental care that improves oral health. As part of our approach we provide holistic dentistry. What is holistic dental care? How does this differ from more traditional approaches to dentistry?

Try Our Holistic Dentistry Quiz

  1. True or False: This means a biocompatible approach to dental care.
  2. True or False: We can place metal-free fillings.
  3. True or False: Patients can enjoy ceramic crowns.
  4. True or False: Our crowns can be placed in one visit.

Answer Key

  1. True. With holistic care we take a more conservative approach to dental care, recommending less intensive care when possible. We also use biocompatible materials for our restorations, so your crowns and fillings look natural and blend with your smile.
  2. True. Typically fillings are made from an amalgam material. These metal fillings can contain trace amounts of mercury and be a problem for patients with metal allergies. However, since we use a metal-free composite resin they contain no mercury and will blend with the rest of the tooth structure.
  3. True. Instead of using metal for crowns we use ceramic. This material looks natural and can blend with the smile. The material also contains stain-resistant properties and can withstand pressures and bite forces. We can place one to address decay, infection, or chipped/fractured teeth.
  4. True. Using CEREC technology the doctor can design and fabricate a restoration in a single visit. You don’t need multiple visits and can enjoy a restored smile in a single visit. If you have any questions or concerns about our approach to restorations then contact our office today.


At Lake Orion Family Dentistry, Dr. Brad Greenfield works to improve patients’ wellbeing, as well as their oral health, and he is proud to offer holistic, 100% metal-free dentistry. To learn more, or to schedule a dental appointment, call our office in Lake Orion, MI, today at 248-693-6213. We proudly welcome patients and families from around Lake Orion, MI, as well as Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Oxford, all surrounding communities.