To Swish Or Not To Swish?

questionmarkyellowWhen it comes to preventive care, the goal of keeping your smile in exceptional condition extends to many different aspects of your grin. First, we strive to promote optimal oral health, so you may avoid issues like cavity formation, gingivitis, and even problems like bruxism. Beyond these concerns, taking good care of your teeth and gums can protect the beauty of your smile, as well. In keeping with this mode of thinking, we would like to approach a topic that will keep your smile healthy and lovely this holiday season.

When Not To Swish

Perhaps you love indulging in a glass of red wine, eggnog, or even soda during holiday parties. Whatever the case, we suggest you sip these beverages carefully (though avoiding them altogether is best for effective preventive care). Those tempted to swish red wine will quickly see that their teeth become coated. Teeth covered in a substance that is acidic or high in sugar quickly become vulnerable to damage. Teeth coated in a deeply pigmented beverage become susceptible to staining. Your best bet? Stick to water – or remember to follow that yummy drink with H2O.

When To Swish

If water is involved, you may swish away. In fact, swishing water around in your mouth is beneficial in a variety of instances, including the following (keep these in mind during the holidays as an effective preventive care tip):

  • If you take a sip of water to rinse away a sugary or staining drink, swish it around in your mouth for thorough rinsing
  • After you eat or drink, swish water around in your mouth to rinse it – then, after a period of 30 minutes, brush your teeth to keep your smile extremely clean (remember, swishing is still beneficial even if you do not have access to a toothbrush)


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