3 Reasons To Choose Dental Sealants

reasonsblocksDo you feel unsure about how to proceed with your child’s dental care? Are you so overwhelmed by the constant barrage of offers either online or on television for miracle cures that when we suggest pediatric treatments like dental sealants, you immediate feel resistant and skeptical? Don’t worry – we understand! The good news is, however, that we only suggest preventive treatments that will offer exceptional oral health protection to your children. Consider a few reasons to give sealants some serious consideration.

Reason #1: Dental Sealants Last A Long Time

This is not a pediatric treatment that will require effort on your part. We will place them, they will last for approximately 10 years, and we may either re-apply them or allow them to wear away (which they do on their own).

Reason #2: Sealants Prevent Tooth Decay

The reason we so strongly suggest dental sealants is that they physically prevent tooth decay from occurring. The barrier they create seals the chewing surface of your child’s tooth, so plaque will rest over the sealant rather than against your child’s tooth tissue. Bacteria and food will not be able to become trapped within tooth crevices, so tooth decay is much less likely to develop on these hard-to-reach teeth. It’s simple yet extremely effective.

Reason #3: Your Child Can’t See Or Feel Them

Choosing dental sealants will not disrupt your child’s life in any way – the sealants will simply help your little one avoid tooth decay. When we apply them, the process is completely comfortable. After prepping the teeth, we paint on a thin, clear plastic coating over the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth. Nobody will be able to see them, so it will be as if nothing has changed.


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