Questions About Your Tongue

questionmarkblueWhen it comes to your teeth and your gums, you might find that you are ready to answer a variety of questions about dental hygiene and potential oral health issues. However, when asked about your tongue, you might find that you don’t have nearly as much information – if any at all – about this significant portion of your oral cavity. In fact, you may have some questions that you have never brought up during a preventive visit, such as whether your tongue needs care. Allow us to offer some introductory details about your tongue with a quick yet enlightening Q&A session.

Your Tongue: Questions and Answers

Question: Am I supposed to brush my tongue? Some friends say yes, while others say no.

Answer: Yes. You need to brush your tongue. Like the crevices of your teeth and the tiny pocket that forms where your gums meet your teeth, your tongue also provides excellent hiding places for bacteria. By brushing your tongue during your dental hygiene session, you help protect your smile from plaque’s negative effects. You also protect your breath from smelling bad.

Question: Do I have to brush my tongue? I understand the reasoning behind it but I find it to feel very strange and somewhat uncomfortable.

Answer: You do have to clean your tongue but you do not necessarily need to brush it during your dental hygiene sessions. Instead, you may consider using a tongue scraper. Rather than bristles running along your tongue, you will use smooth plastic.

Question: What should I do if I notice a sore or a bump on my tongue? If I bit my tongue recently, do I need to schedule an appointment for that, as well?

Answer: If you notice something out of the ordinary, we always urge you to schedule a visit to see us. If you have recently bitten your tongue and it is sore, keep your mouth clean and give it time to heal. If it does not begin healing within 48 hours, contact us. 


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