3 Ways To Relax About Your Child’s Smile

relaxsandbeachAre you feeling more and more anxious about protecting your child’s smile? Perhaps you feel you don’t have a solid handle on children’s dentistry, so you are not sure if you’re doing everything right – or everything wrong. First, we suggest you begin with the basics: If you are ensuring your child flosses daily, brushes twice daily, and receives checkups and cleanings, you’re doing great. As for the little details that may occasionally keep you up at night, we offer a few suggestions.

#1: Talk To Other Parents

Speak with other parents – preferably optimistic individuals you trust who are further along in raising children than yourself. You will find that many of the concerns you have about keeping your little one’s smile healthy are very common worries. An experienced parent can calm your jitters, offer advice, and remind you that it’s just about doing the best you can.

#2: Download An App

Yes, these exist. By downloading a children’s dentistry app for parents, you will find that the questions that pop up regarding your child’s oral health, scheduling visits, and knowing what to do (and when) are often answerable with a few taps on your phone or tablet.

#3: Visit With Us

We encourage you to schedule a children’s dentistry visit with us, even if you do not yet have children. It’s true – if you are expecting a little one and are not sure where to begin, we are ready to offer helpful tips and resources. Or, feel free to schedule a visit to bring your child in (or to come in alone) to ask questions. We are always happy to provide our patients with the oral health information they need.


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