Periodontal Problems: 3 Important Facts

March 29, 2016

How much have you learned when it comes to preventing periodontal disease? Perhaps you don’t know very much because you are so focused on the health of your teeth and avoiding tooth decay. Good news: We are prepared to offer up some essential facts about gum inflammation and infection, so you are prepared to prevent it from occurring.

#1: You Need Immediate Treatment

Periodontal disease is progressive in nature. This is true of most oral diseases, such as tooth decay. It simply means that the problem will continue to advance and worsen, leading to greater amounts of damage. As a result, the best thing you can do to protect your smile is to agree to immediate treatment once inflammation occurs.

#2: You Might Not Notice The Problem

Unfortunately, receiving that immediate periodontal disease therapy is often difficult if you are avoiding your six-month checkups and cleanings. You see, we have the knowledge and technology to recognize gum inflammation. At home, however, you might not notice the problem because obvious signs and symptoms do not always occur. Remain committed to your visits, so you can tackle this problem ASAP.

#3: Gingivitis May Go Away – Periodontal Disease Won’t

Again, immediate treatment is essential because gingivitis (the initial stage of periodontal disease) is inflammation that we can treat with therapy and that will completely go away. Once the problem becomes advanced (known as periodontal disease), we can offer therapy. However, you will always need some form of management because we cannot cure this stage of the problem.


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