Have Questions? Ask During Your Checkup.

dentalcheckupmagnifyingYou may view your dental checkup as an event during which you are supposed to stay quiet, answer our questions, and then go home. However, you’re overlooking something very important: We don’t expect you to remain quiet! Granted, you might need to take a break from talking as we examine your smile but aside from that, we encourage you to ask your questions about your oral health and anything else dental related. Remember to speak up – we will be happy to respond.

Ask About Feelings

Do you have questions about the way something feels? Maybe you experience some type of discomfort that has alarmed you. Perhaps you feel like your teeth have shifted or you notice that you have a bump somewhere within your mouth. Perhaps your jaw joints hurt. Ask us about the sensations you experience, so we may explain what’s happening and set up any necessary treatments during your dental checkup.

Ask About Practices

Do you feel concerned about your home dental hygiene practices but you feel like these are things you should have already mastered? Don’t worry – it’s always a good idea to ask a question rather than continuing to brush or floss incorrectly. In addition to answering your questions, we will even be happy to offer live demonstrations, so you know exactly how to keep your smile healthy.

Ask About The Future

Your dental checkup gives you the time you need to ask questions about the future of your smile. Perhaps you are in need of a tooth replacement and want help deciding which one is best. Maybe you want to align your teeth or make your smile whiter. Ask away – we will help you move forward toward the smile you envision.


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