Brushing Better

womanthumbsupsmileAre you brushing your absolute best? Or, do you have a feeling you could be making a bit more effort with your dental hygiene (you’re just not quite sure how to do that)? Fortunately, you won’t need to make any more guesses or feel guilty. We are happy to share with you some specific yet surprisingly simple guidelines for taking excellent care of your smile with your brushing. Take our suggestions to heart, so you can more easily avoid issues like cavities and gingivitis, while achieving a healthy grin.

Brush For Two Minutes

When you brush your teeth, which should take place in the morning and then again at night before you go to bed, the duration is significant. Don’t skimp out on this important dental hygiene experience. Instead, choose a method for timing yourself to ensure you are brushing for approximately two minutes both times. As a result, you will provide yourself with more than enough time to brush all surfaces.

Brush Your Gumline

You know that food particles and plaque become trapped beneath your gumline. So, how to clean this area? Simply use your toothbrush to sweep it all away. Make sure you incorporate your gumline into your dental hygiene session, so you can kiss any concerns of periodontal disease goodbye.

Stay Focused

An easy way to do a shoddy job with your tooth brushing is allowing yourself to become distracted. This might mean talking while you’re brushing, responding your emails, trying to brush in the shower, or otherwise. Simply make sure you focus for these two minutes, so you effectively use your dental hygiene time to remove plaque.


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