5 Tips That Answer Flossing Questions

tipsrainbowDo you have some questions about flossing your smile but when you get to our practice, your questions seem to disappear from your mind? If you haven’t taken full advantage of your dental care visits with us and still feel unsure about your dental hygiene habits, do yourself two favors: First, take a look at some helpful tips that will answer many of your questions about flossing. Second, start a list of questions to bring with you to your next visit!

Tip #1: Yes, You Need Lots Of Floss

A short piece of floss will not do for your dental hygiene session. Start with a foot and a half of floss and increase to 2 feet if you need more.

Tip #2: Yes, You Need To Curve The Floss

When you slide the floss between your teeth, you should be curving it around the side of one tooth (and then the other) to thoroughly remove plaque and any food particles left behind.

Tip #3: No, You Don’t Need To Use Force

Nope, you don’t need to use force during dental hygiene sessions. Using gentle pressure and motions is the best way to clean your smile without damaging it.

Tip #4: Yes, You Can Avoid Numb Fingers

Make your dental hygiene routine comfortable by wrapping floss (not too tightly) around your middle fingers. Then, allow your thumb and index fingers to take up the slack and guide the floss between your teeth. No more numb fingertips.

Tip #5: No, You Don’t Need Special Floss

Any floss will do as long as you like what you’re using. Purchase a floss that seems like it will work for you (in a flavor you enjoy). If you don’t love it, try another one next time.


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