Avoid Oral Mishaps

oopsbluewhiteAs you probably know, it’s possible to accidentally damage a tooth or to cut your gum tissue. However, you may not be very familiar with some very easy ways to experience an oral mishap – and how to avoid them. The good news is that in addition to your preventive care, there’s not much effort you need to put forth when it comes to keeping your smile intact. By taking a few suggestions into consideration, you will find that you’re making a wonderful, comprehensive attempt at protecting your oral health.

Stop Using Your Smile As A Tool

If you tend to default to your teeth (and maybe even your tongue) in place of using office supplies – we strongly suggest against this. Perhaps you tend to tear open packages instead of reaching for a pair of scissors or you carry things with your teeth instead of your hands. While we understand relying on this as a quick choice, it can wreak havoc on your oral health, easily leading to serious damage.

Talk To Us About Chewing Habits and Bruxism

You probably know that chewing on ice can damage your teeth. You likely also know that chewing on pens, pencil, gum, fingernails, and more may be a stress-relieving habit but it is anything but stress relieving on your teeth. It can either lead to damage on its own or contribute to bruxism (involuntarily grinding or clenching your teeth). Avoid broken, eroded teeth by speaking with us about these issues. We will determine what’s happening and suggest tips for home as well as any necessary treatment to protect your oral health.


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