How Can I Stop Brushing Too Hard?

womanwonderingbrunetteIf you’re someone who brushes your teeth too hard, you know firsthand that this can lead to all types of challenges (from sensitive teeth to receding gums). Unfortunately, when you’re already in the habit of pressing too hard, it can be difficult to remember to ease up and treat your smile delicately. Great news! We have collected a few helpful suggestions, so you may re-train yourself into dental hygiene habits that are beneficial rather than harmful.

Make Yourself A Sign

No kidding. Make a sign to yourself as a friendly reminder. Perhaps it will say “brush softly” or “don’t press so hard!” Tape it to your bathroom mirror, so you glance at it during your dental hygiene sessions. Every time you see it, you will remember to brush gently.

Try An Electric Toothbrush

You can find an electric toothbrush that will temporarily stop vibrating if you use too much force (this is a common feature). Try one out to replace your manual brush for dental hygiene – it might be just what you need.

Get Your Smile Back In Excellent Condition

It’s entirely possible that you are brushing your teeth extra hard because they don’t feel clean. If you have missed some brushing sessions and if you’ve avoided dental cleanings for some time, all of your efforts may still not lead to clean-feeling teeth. As a result, you brush with extra force to try to achieve the sensation you want. Try this: Visit us for a cleaning, say yes to any restorative care, and then get really focused with your hygiene. You will quickly learn that with gentle pressure, your smile will continue to feel A-OK.


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