Cleaning Your Toothbrush: The ABCs

ABCHave you been spending time staring at your toothbrush from afar – and then close up? Do you notice that the bristles don’t look so straight anymore but somewhat worn? Are you wondering if there should be any residue from toothpaste? Perhaps down near the base of the bristles, it looks a bit unclean. When it comes to caring for your dental hygiene products, you may not know quite as much as you do about caring for your smile. No worries – we are here to instruct you!


All You Need Is Water

It’s important that you clean your toothbrush with water. That’s literally all you need to clean your toothbrush. You don’t need hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, a microwave, or any sanitation devices. Just hold your toothbrush under the stream of running water like you usually do – then, you may use your fingers to make sure it’s thoroughly clean and free of toothpaste residue. Done! Your brush is clean for future dental hygiene sessions.


Bad Bristles? Replace It

If the bristles look bent or frayed, if your brush looks like it’s been well used, or if you notice the base of the bristles just don’t get clean enough with your usual efforts, (or, of course, if you’ve been using the brush longer than three or four months), then you need a new brush. Toss it in the trashcan, pick up a new one, and proceed with your dental hygiene routine as usual.


Cleanliness Requires Air Drying

Once your brush is clean from rinsing it beneath water, you will only need to make sure you leave it exposed to open air, so it remains clean. Placing your wet brush within a bag or other moist or enclosed location can give bacteria a breeding ground to multiply. Check out using a toothbrush holder that keeps the brush upright.


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