FAQs: Trying An Electric Toothbrush

FAQsChalkboardDo you ever take a look at your manual toothbrush and wonder if you’re doing yourself a disservice? With all of those electric toothbrush options out there, is it time to make a change? If you do decide to go electric over manual, is there some sort of guide that will help you make the right choice? As a matter of fact, your guide is right here: It’s us, your dental team! For answers to specific questions about your dental hygiene, please feel free to ask us, so we may help you make a good decision. As for general questions, let’s get you on the right track with some FAQs (and answers).

FAQs: Electric Toothbrushes

Question: How do I know which toothbrush is going to work for my dental hygiene? Do I need to invest as much as possible to make sure it’s a good brush?

Answer: Feel free to ask for some suggestions. Remember that your investment in the toothbrush is not going to yield particular results. Instead, focus on reviews and the particular features of the toothbrush – there’s a wide price range to fit a variety of budgets.

Question: What if I try an electric toothbrush but I don’t like it? Does that mean I got a bad one?

Answer: Not necessarily. If the brush works, fits comfortably in your hand and mouth, and your teeth feel clean – but you’re just not enjoying your dental hygiene sessions – you may simply be someone who prefers a manual brush. Neither is better than the other.

Question: Will I have to leave an electric toothbrush at home when I travel?

Answer: Again, not necessarily. If traveling is a significant part of your life, you may wish to consider seeking out a travel-friendly version that is slim, that holds a charge, or that comes with a sleek charger. You have many options!


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